Hey, everyone!  Welcome to our non-episode episode, where Graeme and Jeff talk separately about hanging out together recently in Portland, Oregon.  Graeme is concise; Jeff is not; what else is new?  But at least you get to hear about Shazam! (the motion picture), DC Digests, Carmine Infantino and Don Heck, Deadpool Kills The Deadpool Universe #4, and what’s really going through the head of the person you’re bargain comics shopping with!

We’ll be back next week with a full episode of (we think) Drokk!


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11 comments on “Wait, What?: Brothers of the Beard

  1. Jeff Lester May 19, 2019

    And if you need that ol’ cut & paste, here it is:


    • Mike Murdock May 19, 2019

      FWIW, that’s the link to the web page, not the audio file.

      • Jeff Lester May 19, 2019

        Arghh, thank you so much for the catch, MM! It’s fixed now (I hope).

  2. Eric Rupe May 21, 2019

    Japan Inc., is the BEST! It’s actually the first manga I ever read because I had it assigned in a college class. It is absurd in all of the best ways possible.

  3. Voord 99 May 21, 2019

    I wonder why people feel this need to do (for me) unappealing things with Sivana, when it’s pretty clear that there’s a solid niche for someone who is, after all, a shameless clone of Lex Luthor as Lex Luthor was in the ‘40s.

    Given that since the ‘80s, the model of Luthor that’s entrenched itself across multiple media is World’s Baldest Evil Corporate Titan, there’s a gap for “evil criminal scientist” which Sivana can fill without you having to do anything to him at all.*

    But the question about the Shazam! movie about which I am a little curious is whether Sivana’s name is Thaddeus Bodog Sivana in it. I do hope so.

    *I mean, you would lose the colossal racism of original-model Sivana, obviously. But “criminal genius who never changes out of his white lab coat” – no need to meddle with that.

    • Martin Gray May 22, 2019

      Was that name racist? I’m so dim!

      Anyway, it wasn’t perfect but I loved the film – fun, family fluff. I’m not a fan of the New 52 revamp, but given that’s what we were dealing with, it was great. The foster kid dynamics were charming, there were some great battles… did you not even like the joke involving Sivana’s exlaining his plan, Jeff. I dunno, maybe the mood altering substances bit explains out huge difference of opinion.

      Main thing, I’m glad you all had a great few days.

      • Voord 99 May 23, 2019

        Not Sivana’s name, but his original origin is, ah, very 1940s. He’s from some Central or Eastern European country, and was a brilliant scientist who just wanted to make people’s lives better. However, Sivana became twisted and embittered when his plans to help people were blocked by evil big business figures who are depicted as unpleasant anti-Semitic stereotypes.

        It’s not the most racist thing in the first volume of the Archives, either. That would be the story in which Billy Batson disguises himself in blackface.

        • Voord 99 May 23, 2019

          Let me add this: I stress – first volume of the Shazam! Archives. Because I am informed that it gets worse after that. Steamboat.

          One gets quite forgiving of DC suing the hell out of Fawcett, whatever the merits of the case. Not that DC’s record is great, obviously, but Captain Marvel seems to have been bad even by the standards of comics of the period.

          • Martin Gray May 23, 2019

            Aha, thanks very much. Don’t think I’ve ever read the Sivana origin.

  4. PersonofCon May 24, 2019

    Jeff’s attempt to revitalize his Marvel Unlimited reading struck a chord with me, because I’ve been trying the same thing. My strategy was to read the comics as listed in alphabetical order by creator. This plan ran into the immediate problem of Aaron, Jason, and the 300+ comics he’s credited with. Then I got stuck on Dan Abnett. Then Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (who writes Marvel comics just like he showruns Archie, which is a lot.). Long story short, I’ve been doing this for six months, and I haven’t got further than Saladin Ahmed.

  5. Matthew Murray May 26, 2019

    You might like this video that gives some background info on Spiral Zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JYHioEZ2F8