Wait, What?, Ep. 354—The Space Ghettoes!

December 4, 2022

00:00-3:05:  Greetings! It’s the penultimate Wait, What? (and next to next to the last episode) and Chloe Maveal has once again returned to grace Graeme and Jeff with tales and takes galore! (She just has to wait until Jeff can figure out who is whom. And what day it is.)
3:05-37:51: But once that’s sorted, we’re off to the races! And by “we,” I mean “Chloe” and by “the races,” I mean FanExpo San Francisco. Yes, it’s the first proper comics convention in San Francisco in some years but what exactly does that mean for S.F., and what was it like? Chloe breaks it down for us. Items discussed: Pat Broderick’s beard (vs. Jeff’s beard, for those keeping score at him); the mysterious allure (for some of us) of Lootcrate; Graeme’s dream commission; local identity and comics shows; the rise and fall of Sylvester Escalator and their hit albums Purple Burglar Alarm and Irish Wristwatch; and more!
37:51-51:43: Time for the Chloe and Graeme TV Recommendation! This time it’s two thumbs up for the infectious creepiness of A Friend of the Family, the season finale of Avenue 5; Slumberland, the Netflix movie “shockingly removed” from the source material (Little Nemo in Slumberland); The Northman; and an all-too-brief mention of Mystery Science Theater 3000; and more.
51:43-1:13:53: Comics time! Which is to say, even though we are not fully at the end of the year yet, Jeff has gone and made some little lists—how much has he spent on comics in 2022? How many titles? How many comics has he read? And in what format/source has he read them? If you like thinking about comics and the slow accretion of data into pivot tables of goofiness, this segment is for you! Also discussed: the difference between how Graeme and Jeff read comics; Graeme reading the entirety of the Superman Blue storyline on DCUI Ultra; and more.
1:13:53-1:43:11: A Taskmaster anecdote—the amazingly entertaining U.K. show, not the Marvel villain/antihero—leads to us revisiting the origin of the title of this very podcast, which somehow leads to a distressing obsession with a short-lived catchphrase from the ’70s (and ’90s!). Trivia trumps self-obsession: that’s the Wait, What? motto! (which is a shame because it looks terrible on a t-shirt.) Which leads, somehow, to our Spotify Wrapped lists and some choice words about music from Chloe. (Thom Yorke, maybe skip to the next segment?)
1:43:11-1:52:50: As was mentioned in a “still under embargo kind of way” the other episode, DCUI Ultra has now added *a ton* of Vertigo and Black Label books. (For real, like, *five thousand* of them.) Graeme’s question: now that they have, will that get Jeff reading DCUI Ultra more?
1:52:50-end: Closing comments! Stitcher! Itunes! Instagram! Twitter together and separately: Graeme (and not a Twitter: Graeme at Popverse!) and JeffChloe, and also… Chloe! (And also…Chloe!!) Also: Tumblr, and  on Patreon where a wonderful group of people make this all possible, including Empress Audrey, Queen of the Galaxy, to whom we are especially grateful for her continuing support of this podcast.
NEXT WEEK:  Drokk, it’s Day of Chaos!

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8 comments on “Wait, What?, Ep. 354—The Space Ghettoes!

  1. Jeff Lester Dec 4, 2022

    Cutting and pasting right up to the very end, are we? Here you go, then:

  2. Matthew Murray Dec 4, 2022

    So the American Library Association annual conference tends to move around every year and in the summer of 2015 it was in San Francisco. Myself and my library friends really enjoyed going to SF for the conference and hoped that it would return there, but were told by people who work for ALA that it was unlikely because it was too expensive to run, despite having better attendance than several other cities. (Average attendance for shows from 2010-2019 was 21,085 and San Francisco had 22,696 attendees.) So I guess it’s just more expensive in general to run a large event in San Francisco.

    Also: Chloe should try to go to one of the FanExpo events in Canada if she gets the chance. I’d be curious to see how she thinks they compare to ones in the USA.

  3. Martin Gray Dec 6, 2022

    One more episode to go… if you could skew it towards comics talk, that would be great! Maybe Jeff’s final view of Tom King’s Supergirl…

  4. Shadavid Dec 6, 2022

    Does Chloe own that Micronauts spread?! I love that period of ‘nuts, Broderick is trying so damned hard. Maybe it’s the Presbyterian in me, but I like a bit of effort. I know Picasso is better than Braque, but I can see that Braque’s working while all Picasso has to offer is stunning brilliance. Martha all the way down here.
    That Anne Nightingale played Amoureuse by Kiki Dee for me one Sunday afternoon a lifetime ago. Probably more than a lifetime for Graeme and definitely for Chloe. Time, eh? I’m glad to know the chat will continue even though I won’t hear it anymore. Also looking forward to Chloecasting!

  5. Brendan O'Hare Dec 7, 2022

    I couldn’t come up with a question for the question show, but now I’ve had ants in my pants for weeks needing to know what musical artists Graeme would most want to see collaborate with Gorillaz (and Jeff if you are a fan, you as well)?

    P.S. I will find you (online or via email) and get the answer if you don’t see this. Thanks!

  6. Shadavid Dec 9, 2022

    Thinking about the equivalent of underboob for balls really points up how inelegant underboob is. Anyway ‘sacsun’ pronounced ‘saxon’, ‘testesunt’, ‘bloball’ and an acronym ‘bobb’- bottom of ball bag.

  7. Nate A. Dec 11, 2022

    Sorry to have to be the only adult in the comments section, but it’s well known that “side balls” is referred to as “hanging brain.”
    E.G.: My uncle was wearing short shorts at the picnic and he totally “hanged brain” when we all sat down for lunch.

    • Jeff Lester Dec 13, 2022

      Oh dang, how’d I forget about “hanging brain”? It’s so well-known it was a Friends punchline!