The State That We Are In: Jeff Teases The Week To Come

November 22, 2015

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Hey, everyone!

First, if you are coming to the site for the first time thanks to the link in The New York Times:  welcome!  Please feel free to poke around, dig into the tags, check out some posts or fire up some podcast episodes.  Kick up your virtual feet and stay awhile.

Second, if you are coming to the site for the first time to see if we have more things to say about Dark Knight 3: The Master Race #1: stay tuned!  As you can see from the image above, Graeme, Matt, and I will have many things to say, and we’ll  start saying ’em…Tuesday?

Third, if this isn’t your first time visiting the site: Hey, Jeff’s in The New York Times talking about DK3!  And probably more pertinent to your interests, Baxter Building Ep. 11 is already live on the RSS feed and the show notes will be rolling along mid-Monday afternoon or so.

So…that’s a thing we’re going to go back to preparing, okay?  Okay!


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3 comments on “The State That We Are In: Jeff Teases The Week To Come

  1. Tom Broadhead Nov 22, 2015

    “Mr Lester” sounds like a handsy school teacher in a bad Tom Green comedy!

  2. Looking forward to the roundtable because I have no interest in buying and/or reading DKR III based on the previews/interviews that have rolled out in recent weeks. Depending on the reviews of trusted critics of similar taste (looking at you Jeff), might be inclined to grab trade at some point.

    But ye gads, that NYT article perfectly summed up just how apathetic I am about the whole thing.

  3. Dasbender Nov 23, 2015

    Let it be known I actually got to the New York Times from the Wait, What site. You’re driving up their Web traffic, Jeff!

    Oh, and ditto the apathy towards DK3. I learned my lesson from DK2. Although in truth, if reading bad comics in the past ever stopped me from reading present comics, I’d’ve stopped reading comics years ago. Reading stuff I thought I’d hate finds me books like that all-new Vision comic, which is TONS more interesting than it has any right to be.

    That said, I’ll play the odds and save my DK3 money until someone else tells me it’s interesting.