Wait, What? Ep. 240: Happy News Ears

January 7, 2018

Well, well, well. Here we are again.  Another new year, and another round of a podcast in which the clever, articulate one and the probably-not-as-clever-although-no-one-can-really-quite-tell-because-he-is-definitely-not-as-articulate one gather together to talk about that medium we all know and love.  We’re glad you could join us!

Topics discussed:
  • Greetings of the New Year, for the New Year;
  • Jeff’s not-quite 100% health and the Bay Area’s bad flu streak;
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the latest break between Marvel and Jim Starlin;
  • The Chris Claremont Legacy: X-Men Grand Design #1 & 2 by Ed Piskor, and the three part Blade, The Vampire Slayer story collected in Marvel Horror: The Magazine Collection;
  • Marvel’s not-good-at-all year, the rough year for the comics market overall, and the mysterious return of the Marvel Legacy lenticular covers;
  • The coming year for DC, and DC’s traditionally not-great job at taking the pole position, featuring our complaints about Hawkman Found #1 and a very terrifying Alan Moore workaround;
  • The last episode of 1976 TV show, Gemini Man (as dreamed by Jeff one feverish night);
and, y’know, much, much more!
We will be back next week with the latest installment of Baxter Building!  Please read Fantastic Four #s 328-333 and join us as we look at the (anti-) climax of Steve Englehart’s run!

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11 comments on “Wait, What? Ep. 240: Happy News Ears

  1. Jeff Lester Jan 7, 2018

    And if you’re still into that old school cut & paste link action:


  2. Grand Design is the first Marvel floppy I’ve paid for in years (I’m a MU subscriber and occasionally buy trades). It’s really tremendous stuff.

  3. Mike Murdock Jan 8, 2018

    The Captain Britain Collection is frustrating – particularly for those who are digital only. The best way to see the first stuff is Captain Britain Vol. 1: The Birth of a Legend, followed by Vol. 2: Siege of Camelot that collects the black and white Black Knight Arthur stuff. After that, I ended up getting the Alan Moore stuff and the Alan Davis post-Moor stuff. The only thing I was missing was the pre-Moore Crooked World stuff, so I ended up buying the “Captain Britain Omnibus,” which has a pointless and bizzare collection. It’s excerpts of everything, but nothing complete. It doesn’t even have all of Alan Moore’s story, just random parts of it for no rhyme or reason.

    • Jeff Lester Jan 8, 2018

      Whaaaaaat. That’s not what an omnibus is supposed to do! That sounds horrible.

      • Mike Murdock Jan 8, 2018

        Woops, I was misremembering. It’s not the Omnibus, it’s “Legacy of a Legend.” And, yeah, words don’t describe how pointless it would be if I didn’t want to own the Dave Thorpe stuff. The Omnibus is technically what I wanted (the David Thorpe and Alan Moore in Hardcover) with the exception that it’s currently $300 on Amazon.

        • Jeff Lester Jan 8, 2018

          Oh, okay, well, that’s a *bit* better then. Off the market and overpriced–that’s pretty much SOP for Marvel omnibi. (Except for the Howard The Duck omnibus, one of the few I own.)

  4. DJ_Convoy Jan 9, 2018

    Amazingly, we had a very similar Guardians 2 experience. Once Guardians hit Netflix, I was psyched and wanted to check it out. My wife instantly hated it (she was not fond of the beginning credit sequence which may as well have doubled as an ad for the dancing Groot toy), and we turned it off after 40 minutes or so, as well. I went back and finished it later. Very unimpressed. Too many moments seemingly calculated to please a crowd, too much CGI and ultimately, too far away from the comic characters to be enjoyable. For me, anyway.

  5. Matthew Jan 15, 2018

    Jeff’s description (and Graeme’s reaction to the description) of Claremont’s Blade story was great.

    • Miguel Corti Feb 15, 2018

      Seconded. Many times I can feel like I’ve read a comic based on their description of it, but this time I felt like I had lived it.