Wait, What?, Ep. 355: “The Very Sound of Joy”

December 18, 2022

Hey, everybody:

Jeff here.  As you know—maybe?—I do the shownotes and editing for the Wait, What? episodes, and Graeme handles Drokk and Baxter Building.

So, originally, I was gonna record the typical intro for this but skip the shownotes, but then decided to skip the intro—the dang thing is dangerously close to three and a half hours as it is!—which kinda meant quickly dropping off a note or two here to at least say, “Hey, I skipped inserting the music and the intro but don’t worry it is intentional….hope you don’t mind?”

There are so many things we got to do in this final episode, but also so many things we didn’t get to do—there are a lot of thank yous owed to peeps like web sherpa Adam Knave, the fine folks at American 9th Art Studios, Dominic L. Franco, and of course Empress Audrey.  Really, everyone who supported us deserves more than the stumbling shoutout we give them in the episode and I hope you don’t mind us going out as we came in: disorganized as all hell, but well-intentioned (but mouthy)!  I also personally need to extend my thanks to Edi, who’s been incredibly supportive of this venture for all thirteen years—13 years!!

Anyhoo, this is the last regularly scheduled one.  Maybe we’ll drop by again someday in the not too distant future to absolutely ensure we wear out any goodwill for us you might have left.  But for now, let me just wish you peace and happiness in this holiday season, the year to come, and all the years to follow.  You made this truly wonderful centerpiece of my life for well over a decade.  I can’t think you enough.



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17 comments on “Wait, What?, Ep. 355: “The Very Sound of Joy”

  1. Jeff Lester Dec 18, 2022

    For the very final time—here’s the direct link to cut and paste. Have at you!

  2. Martin Gray Dec 19, 2022

    And thank YOU both, I came in several years down the line but the show became one of the nicest things in my listening life. Happy Hols, and catch you down anon.

  3. Gary A. Dec 19, 2022

    Graeme and Jeff,

    I’m saving this last one for the cold winter drive I have ahead of me. Thank you so much for being such bright beacons in the comics podcast sphere. I hope you come back, time to time, just to talk or tell us what you’re up to. There are very few podcasts that do what you two do in a way that is intelligent, in-depth, and (in the end) very kind to creators, readers, and your podcast audience.

    You will be missed.

    – Gary A.

  4. Timothy J Rifenburg Dec 19, 2022

    Thank you, guys. Always enjoyed the time spent with you and listening to the news, views, ramblings and all the digressions that made for entertaining listening. Enjoy the time gained by not recording but still enjoy your visits with each other. Thanks for keeping the site active for a bit. Might have to finally listen to all the Drokks I missed, to ease myself away from the routine listening. Thanks for the podcast and the time spent with us.

  5. I haven’t steeled myself to listen to The Very Last One yet, but happy holidays and best wishes beyond to our gracious hosts and all fellow listeners. Take care out there.

  6. I’ve now listened to the show and I feel awful that my stupidity in ending my Patreon support three weeks early (I was sure I’d forget altogether if I didn’t) meant I missed the Parade of Patrons. I’m so very sorry.

    What a treat at the start of the show, Edi has the most beautiful voice. Heck, Jeff’s is rather airwave-worthy too… the world needs a Mrs and Mr SF radio show.

    Cheers for addressing the Tom King in the room with Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow talk, Jeff, I think you giving up on the book says everything. Graeme is certainly right when he advises you not to bother finishing, it’s glum stuff.

    As for House to Astonish, you chaps could be the JSA to Al and Paul’s JLA and appear with them once a year for a team-up to make us all nostalgic.

    All the best for the future, we’ll meet again.

  7. Matthew Murray Dec 21, 2022

    Thanks for all the episodes. I wish the best with whatever you do in your time in the future. : )

    (And Jeff, if you want another manga about rakugo, I recommend checking out Descending Stories. I’ve enjoyed the volumes I’ve read so far.)

  8. Shadavid Dec 24, 2022

    Cheers, m’dears! Allow me to echo the chorus of applause. Leaving us wanting more, as per the classic recommendation.
    My own list for this year would include ‘I see a Knight’ by Xulia Vicente, ‘Do a Powerbomb’ by Daniel Warren Johnson and ‘The Legend of Luther Arkwright’ by Bryan Talbot. They all point towards my sentimental side.
    Looking forward to ‘BMX: DOA!’ I don’t recall if you’ve ever mentioned The ’77 Publications slate of stripzines and wonder if you’re aware of them? They include Steve McManus’s Blazer! his faux-mid ’70s British comic. Very reminiscent of Paul Scott’s Solar Wind. Just in case anyone else missed the news like me, there a new Mick McMahon comic available- ‘Joe and his Killer Robot Dad’. Not often you can say that.
    I’ve bought ‘The Night Eaters’ on your recommendation (and the whole loving Monstress thing) so you’re going out like bosses there as well.
    Jeff’s invented manga reminded me of attending my stepson getting his PHD in Comparative Genomics. Another doctorate was awarded in the field of ‘Experimental Phonetics.’ It is not coming up with new sounds. I did check.
    Oh, and for your next podcast, may I suggest (assumes an amazing impression of Leslie Phillips):
    ‘Bing, Bong’.

  9. Voord 99 Dec 26, 2022

    Thank you to both of our hosts for thirteen remarkable years. I once called them the “masters of long-form podcasting,” and I meant it: wide-ranging, engaging conversations extending over two hours or more, without ever letting the value to minutes ratio slip. I kept thinking things during this last episode like, “You could just do My Four Manga unedited once a month? If we said ‘Please’ really nicely?” But no — our hosts deserve their retirement after such a long and successful reign.

    That being said, when Chloe Maveal starts up her podcast, I wouldn’t mind an announcement in this space. I don’t use Twitter much, and recent events are unlikely to make me more likely to use it.

    Thanks for keeping the podcast up for a bit, as well. I’m going to read the Avengers from the beginning at some point, and I need to go back and download all of those episodes to accompany that.

    Like everyone here, I wish our hosts success in all of their future endeavours.

  10. Bruce Baugh Dec 28, 2022

    Thirteen years is a whole lot of podcasts! Thanks to all of you for bringing them, and best wishes on whatever comes next.

  11. I started to listen to this episode the day after the devastating news of Terry (the Specials/Fun Boy Three/Colourfield/Terry, Blair and Anoushka/Vegas/co-creator of one of the best pop songs ever recorded (twice) in Our Lips Are Sealed) Hall’s passing and found it too upsetting to finish… so left it until the new year and finished it but it was still upsetting. Thank you for everything over the past thirteen years- it’s been a genuine joy to listen to you talk. The best part was listening into a great friendship, and the only bad part in all this time was it coming to an end.

    A final manga shoutout to Jeff: Vampeerz (essentially a yuri manga take on LeFanu’s Carmilla with absolutely stunning artwork ands storytelling). And to Graeme: the best manga reads like 70’s British comics (of all genres)!

    Similar to yourselves at the episodes end, I keep wanting to continue typing so things don’t end. Once again, thank you for everything, and all the best for the future.

  12. I have a lot going on personally of late (nothing bad), but I would be remiss if I did not congratulate and thank you for all the years of great podcasting. You both really helped up my critical game, and for that I am grateful. I’m glad you’re both able to end the show on your terms, and I hope you know how much this show has meant to all of us Whatnauts.

  13. Patrick Gaffney Apr 3, 2023

    It was good to hear you back in the podcast feed this morning. Love it. Hope you continue to come back from time to time.

  14. Joe I Apr 4, 2023

    Admitting to having read not just Elfen Lied but Parallel Paradise… how I’ve missed you guys. Hoping for a July 4thcast!

  15. Voord 99 Apr 4, 2023

    Wow! Just happened across this great podcast, and I really loved your most recent episode! It’s definitely going to be top of my podcast rotation when the next one comes out! My Four Manga is hilarious! Really looking forward to more of what I’m sure will be my best find of 2023!

    More seriously, it’s fabulous to have this surprise stealth episode, and, for what it’s worth, if that was unedited, it was more than fine the way that it was.

  16. Shadavid Apr 5, 2023

    What a welcome treat! You played the hits as well- ‘My Four Manga’ and Graeme predicting DOOOoooomm! Although kudos to Graeme for his prediction in one of your Savage Critic podcasts that if Kate Beaton did a long form graphic novel it would be great and no, I’m fine, haven’t been missing you at all… For folks like me who still love those physical comics, just want to add that the Shortbox comics are great to have and hold as well as read.