Are You Ready For The What? That’s Coming?

May 30, 2014

In the not-quite-immortal words of Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles, and so we return and begin again.

For five years, Wait, What? has been Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan’s podcast for discussion of comic books, pop culture, and their shared love for Belgian Waffles. In its previous incarnation, it lasted more than 150 episodes as part of The Savage Critics, the comics critics website led by Brian Hibbs, comic book retailer and all-round firebrand (You might know him as the man behind Tilting at Windmills, or maybe the man who sued Marvel Comics back in 2002 because they refused to accept returns on books that were late or mis-solicited; we know him as the man who brought us together, thanks to our shared past as employees of his store Comix Experience).

Now, we’re going it alone — on this site, and on Tumblr, with an attendant Patreon campaign to help us try to grow things in future.

With new episodes released every second Monday, Wait, What? is a place where news, reviews and countless digressions about television, movies and half­-remembered comic characters combine to create something that’s one part informed comic book industry analysis and commentary and one part ongoing conversation between two friends. A quick glance at the Patreon video will suggest just how digressive we can get.

That said, if nothing else, Wait, What? is a comic book podcast with more mentions of Jack Kirby and Steve Englehart than any other other comic book podcast out there. We (almost certainly) guarantee it — and we hope that you’ll stick around to enjoy it.


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