You Like Us, You Really Like Us

June 5, 2014

Well, that went better than we had expected.

For those who aren’t Jeff or I and haven’t been avidly watching the results of our Patreon campaign, you probably don’t know that we broke the $200 barrier today. This is a big deal to both of us — if we’re honest, we didn’t think that we’d manage to do this in our first month, never mind our first week, so we’re almost at a loss for words that it happened so quickly. Almost.

I’ll try to avoid any Sally Field-esque moments, but we’re insanely grateful to everyone who has signed on to support us, especially when we see that so many of you have never supported a Patreon campaign before. It really means a lot to us that you’ve been so generous, and we’ll do our best to… keep talking about comic books and getting distracted to entertain you for a long time to come, I guess? I feel like there should be something more that we can do in return for your kindness and money.

Well, there’s always the rewards we’ve promised, I suppose. For those who have signed up at the levels that give you access to stickers and/or the digital grab bags, we’re working on getting those out to you. Links to the digital grab bag should go out in the next couple of weeks, once Jeff and I firm up exactly what’s going to be contained therein (For those who remember my Wolverine impression, I believe that’s in there; for those who have never heard it, I’m sorry in advance). The stickers should start going out… at the end of the month, barring production delays. Expect updates on both via Patreon.

Hitting the $200 milestone also means that we’re going to be writing a couple of regular review posts a week, one by Jeff and one by myself. Think of it as a chance for us to review the comics we never quite get around to talking about on the podcast itself. Jeff starts with a post that should go up tomorrow, and then I’ll have one early next week; ideally, we’ll go with a “Graeme in the first half of the week, Jeff in the second half” routine after that. If you heard me mention the new Pascal Girard book during the last episode, I’ll finally get around to it in my post, along with the Michael Cho book that’s due out later this year; there’s a thematic link, I swear.

We’ve both been bowled over by how this (re-)launch has gone; instead of the polite interest of a Fantastic Four relaunch — well, until Marvel cancels the book for insane reasons, if rumors are to be believed — we’re the Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo Batman relaunch. Except with less owl masks and flashbacks to our origin stories. Although, you never know — do you think I could talk Jeff into Wait, What? Zero Year…?

More seriously: Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone for the support you’ve shown us. We’re all verklempt.


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One comment on “You Like Us, You Really Like Us

  1. Congrats! Now get thee to Nightwing #30 ;)