Bonus Content: Round Two of My Four Manga!

February 27, 2022

Hey there, Whatnauts!

A bit of bonus content to wrap up your month with—join us as we play another round of “My Four Manga,” or as Graeme referred to it the other week: “Who’s a bigger pervert, Jeff or the people who make manga?”

this is a super-short 18 minute episode and sadly it took longer to try and get the rss feed to load than it did to record it, so I’m just going to leave it here for your enjoyment and get on with my weekend before this eats up wayyyyy too much of my life.

We hope you enjoy it, however!  And we hope you join us next week for another full-length episode of Wait, What?


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4 comments on “Bonus Content: Round Two of My Four Manga!

  1. Jeff Lester Feb 27, 2022

    And in case you need the direct link for nefarious or non-nefarious reasons:

  2. I first heard one of the titles as “Caterpillar Girl and Bad Texture Boy”. As in, a boy who is poorly rendered.

  3. Voord 99 Mar 2, 2022

    Obviously, our hosts can run this game in any way that they like, and should brutally ignore the following if they want. But I personally think it should be a rule of the game that Jeff Lester *has* to give a plot description for every title. A) It’s very amusing. B) It’s very amusing. C) I don’t want to Google some of these titles, but I have to know.

  4. I too heard it as “Caterpillar Girl and Bad Texture Boy”! Not that the real title makes much more sense. I had to look up the Japanese to see if that was indeed accurate. (It is, but slightly altered.) I completely enjoy Jeff’s descriptions, and say they must be in every edition. I think if were to get a say on a rule, it would be that Graeme can only ask one non-plot question about each manga. I do feel Graeme’s lack of knowledge of Japanese pop culture does give him a slight edge. Every time Jeff says, “It’s set in a high school,” I go, “Yup, that’s real,” often to my chagrin.

    The Patrons-only episode was blast too! You almost had him, Jeff!