Ugh, Sorry: Jeff Cops to Being The Weak Link in the Chain.

December 20, 2015


Hey there, Whatnauts!

I apologize: both Graeme and Matt got their posts up this week and I…did not.  The last few days have been kind of savage, work-wise, and then I really wanted to get the podcast(s?) done for this week so today was crazy amounts of time taking notes and editing out constant bronchial coughts and no coming up with stuff to write about.

Sooo…once again, I owe you one? I think/hope/pray the count is still at one. Maybe two?  And I don’t remember what Graeme and I decided but I *think* we might be taking the last week of the year off from posting here…maybe? So maybe I owe you two?

Anyway, enough of “watch Jeff count.”  Thank you for being understanding—certainly feel free to throw brickbats in the comments if you feel cheated. Stay tuned for Wait, What? Ep. 191 coming up next!


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