Almost, But Not Quite There Yet

October 22, 2014

Friends, Whatnauts, countrymen, lend me your – Well, I guess it’d be eyeballs instead of ears, considering this is a written post. What is really is is a written apology: as a result of a crazier than usual work schedule that was a little blown up by the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer leak this afternoon, I’ve not had a chance to finish my review post for the week, which was already a day late due to me being sick this weekend and thrown off my game. I both beg apologies and tell you to come back tomorrow when I’ll really, really try and get it up. And if Jeff gets a post up as well, it’ll be like double the fun in… the same amount of time as normal except I was late and I’m very sorry…? Okay, that didn’t come over as impressive as I’d hoped, I confess.

In the meantime, go and read Colin Smith writing about Mark Millar’s Swamp Thing run. It’s far more worthy of your attentions.


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One comment on “Almost, But Not Quite There Yet

  1. Just get well, and good recommendation. And when folk have read Colin on Swamp Thing, there are several great pieces on Hank Pym and the Wasp, including this one: