Whoops! Jeff Misses The Mark.

August 9, 2015
Had to search on "monkey driving a car," instead.

Had to search on “monkey driving a car,” instead.

Hey, everyone! Jeff here, with a bit of an apology.

Normally, this is where my Sunday post would go, but I got so squeezed for time today, I ended up having to push that aside to make sure I got the podcast ready for Monday delivery, instead.  (It ended up being an old school 2.5 hour episode.)

So….look for my post later on in the week!  I’m hoping if everything comes together properly, I’ll post it on Wednesday, thus falling neatly between Graeme’s Tuesday post and Matt’s Thursday post.  I hope, but man this is going to be one of those crazily busy weeks so…we’ll see.

My apologies, and thank you for your patience.  Make sure you look for Wait, What? Episode 182, out tomorrow!


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4 comments on “Whoops! Jeff Misses The Mark.

  1. Zaragosa Aug 9, 2015

    No sweat, Jeff! We appreciate ya!!!

  2. An outrage. We won’t stand for it!

    • Jeff Lester Aug 10, 2015

      I deeply appreciate the balance presented by these two comments. Thank you both!

  3. In the interest of maintaining balance: I am ambivalent about this state of affairs.