Doing Okay, Pretty Good: A Small Schedule Update

September 8, 2015

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And then, sometimes shit happens and plans go awry.

To wit, the plan to record the next episode of Baxter Building this Thursday, and release it next Monday has gone awry, thanks to circumstances very much outside of our control. This isn’t as bad as I’ve just made it sound — what it really means is that we’re bringing our planned skip week ahead a week, and that Baxter Building Episode 9 will go up 9/21, instead of 9/14, before everything returns to normal(-ish) with a very special episode of Wait, What? on 9/28. See? No big deal at all.

I know, I know — you’re upset at having to wait seven extra days to find out what makes Galactus return to the Fantastic Four book, not to mention whether or not the F.F will wise up and make Wyatt Wingfoot leader of the team in Reed’s supposed absence (Spoilers: Mr. Fantastic doesn’t really leave the book, sadly). We promise that we’ll try and make the episode worth the additional wait, and also that it’ll be better than the last episode because we won’t be talking about the Fantastic Four movie at all.

In the meantime, expect more written posts on this here site, and also more activity on the Tumblr this week, too; these text pages from the run of Steve Englehart’s Coyote I picked up this weekend are practically begging to be shared with the Internet. (Also purchased for cheap this weekend: the first five issues of Micronauts: The New Voyages, so if I fire up the scanner sometime, expect pages from that, too.)

And if you haven’t already listened to the latest episode of Wait, What? — in which we really do manage to answer questions! — then scroll down. We get through a surprising number of queries for once. Take that, people who thought it’d take us 31 episodes to get through all the questions! (You know who you are.)


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