Programming Update: Begging Your Patience…

February 12, 2018

In an ideal world, this would be where the shownotes for the new Baxter Building would go, but… Well, I got sick last week when we should’ve been recording it and as a result, there is no new Baxter Building just yet. (I’m fine now, aside from a scratchy throat.) We’re pushing the recording schedule out for the rest of the month as a result, so: Next week will see the arrival of Baxter Building Ep. 38 — the first Walter Simonson issues! — and then, the week after, another Wait, What? which will be ready to take on the news from that week’s Image Expo. It’ll all work out! Honest! Now excuse me while I go cough a little more…


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3 comments on “Programming Update: Begging Your Patience…

  1. David M Feb 12, 2018

    Get well. I don’t mean to scare you, but I had some problems with a cough last year which led to me blacking out twice (doing so much better now!), so take all the time you need. Also, I don’t need to rush those issues now. I’d made a start, but knowing I can take it steady and still have chance to comment within a day or two of your posting is relaxing.

    • Matt Terl Feb 13, 2018

      Man, even those four panels are enough to remind me how much I love this stupid run of comics.

  2. Voord 99 Feb 18, 2018

    At least you have something enjoyable to discuss when you recover (now that you have recovered, I hope). Some of the previous runs that you have discussed might have been the last blow that killed you.

    I was tempted last summer to read Simonson’s FF issues after following along with The Lightning and the Storm’s coverage of Simonson’s Thor, but held off because the Baxter Building would be getting there. I’m really glad I did. It’s shocking just how arresting these seem if you’ve been reading through the previous couple of decades of post-Kirby FF. I doubt they’d have had the same impact on me if I’d read them out of context.

    So, really interested to hear what you two say.