Wait, What?, Ep. 316 — Three-Dimensional Chess

April 4, 2021

0:01-19:26: Greetings!  No need to adjust your headset, the reason Graeme sounds a little different here is that he’s someone else ( or rather someone else as well)—yes, the talent Chloe Maveal joins your usual set of fools for this special April Fool’s episode!  No fake news stories here, not to worry, but Chloe, thank goodness, as a formidable comic critic and cultural editor was gracious enough to join us to change things up.  Not to worry though, this intro definitely has a Wait, What staple—us worrying about our tech set-up and how things will sound, and Jeff grumbling about work (although we hope to amusing ends in at least one of those cases). Also discussed: The best Leverage episode; The Italian Job; The Italian-er Job; Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’;  and more!
19:26-50:52: Because we need to, ya know, talk about comic book like stuff eventually, we opt to discuss the recent news including: The Suicide Squad trailer(s), Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer, Marvel selling 300k+ copies of their Aliens comic; and then finally settling of the news of Marvel leaving Diamond for Penguin/Random House Publisher Services  (or PeRHaPS, as Jeff decides to call it to a confusing and annoying degree  in this episode). But fear not, gentle listener, of course we manage to discuss…Battle Pope?

50:52-1:02:05:  Jeff asks Chloe for her comic book origin story and it’s as delightful and as informative an answer as anyone could’ve hoped for.  (We all owe Uncle Tony a big round of thanks!).
1:02:05-1:03:08: Normally I splice together the two halves of our conversation a little more cleanly, but Graeme using his NPR Announcer voice (to announce that he’s doing his NPR Announcer voice, of course) was too good to cut out, conversational continuity be damned.
1:03:08-1:33:04: No, really, comics—all three of us really do read them even now!  In fact, we’ve all read the same comic:  Bogie Man: Return to Casablanca by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Robin Smith!  If you feel left out because you haven ‘t don’t worry because (a) we all pretty much agree you’re not missing out, and (b) Jeff hasn’t read the first two installments in the Bogie Man saga, and Graeme & Chloe have.  But on the good news, both Graeme and Chloe are excellent summarizers so you to hear about what’s good, bad, and interesting about the original powerhouse team behind the first decade of Dredd (and Robin Smith!) tackling openly, ridiculously broad comedy!  Also discussed: Al’s Baby, Justice League International, Doomlord, and more (so much more!)

1:33:04-1:49:13: Graeme and Jeff had made a vow—a sacred oath, if you will—that they would watch Godzilla vs. Kong on HBOMax.  Graeme and Chloe did; Jeff unfortunately did not. Fortunately, Choe has plenty to say (and sing) and perhaps even more fortunately, we end up spending wayyyyyyyy more time talking about trashy reality show, Below Decks, than we do on GvK.
1:49:13-1:57:41: DC Universe Infinite is doing a Round Robin bracket where fans get to vote on pitches, the winner of which will become a  genuine series! Cynical? Inspired?  Has Jeff been following the Big Two for so long he can’t tell the difference anymore?  Find out here!
1:57:41-2:05:11: More DC/Warners news—their New Gods movie (by Ana DuVernay and Tom King) and The Trench—James Wan’s horror-infused spinoff from Aquaman—have both been put out to pasture.  Why? Who? What?  (I mean, why would you turn down a James Wan horror film, for God’s sake? That’s about as close to a money-in-the-bank guarantee as you’re going to get!)
2:05:11-2:03:22: Any must-read books that came out?  We each take a turn talking about what ‘s recent we’ve been reading and liking.  For Graeme, that’s Hershey: Disease by Rob Williams and Simon Fraser (and this being Graeme, the resident podcast Time Lord, “recent” means “not officially released until 17 August, 2021”.  For Chloe, “recent” means “a few years ago” as she’s been reading and really enjoying Rob Williams’ recent run on Suicide Squad (art initially by Jim Lee and then by a procession of artists).  Jeff spoils the Rob Williams trifecta but at least arguably has a better sense of the term “recent” by talking about Beta Ray Bill #1 written and illustrated by Daniel Warren Johnson. (I didn’t mention it in the podcast, but here’s the longer version of the interview between Johnson and the mighty Walt Simonson that ran at the back of that issue).
2:03:22-end:  Closing Comments!    Oh, but fortunately some things never change:  look for us on  Stitcher! Itunes! Instagram! Twitter together and separately: Graeme and Jeff (and Chloe)! Tumblr, and  on Patreon where a wonderful group of people make this all possible, including Empress Audrey, Queen of the Galaxy, to whom we are especially grateful for her continuing support of this podcast.
Next week: Time to Drokk!  Read Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files, Volume 24 and drokkin’ join us here next week!

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9 comments on “Wait, What?, Ep. 316 — Three-Dimensional Chess

  1. Shadavid Apr 5, 2021

    Welcome Chloe! You brought a lot to a show I already enjoy. I am very much in favour of singing on the show and your presence was a step closer to ‘Wait, What?-The Musical.’
    I worked in a night shelter in Dundee between 1978 and 1982. There’s a lot about the Bogie Man that’s closer to reality than some might think. Dealing with homeless people with poor impulse control, mental health and addiction issues who model themselves on film stars (cowboys were popular) is an education for a teenager. Maybe not one I’d advocate.
    I’d love for Graeme to unpack the comparison of Frank Bellamy and Robin Smith, as I don’t see it. They both did some black and white line art for British comics, after that I’m lost. At least with Ron Smith I can see all you have to do is get rid of the ‘b’ and the ‘i’ and they have the same name.

  2. A great episode: loved the addition of Chloe and would welcome her back any time.

    A forgotten curio but Wagner/Grant/Smith’s Bogie Man was adapted into a TV movie by the BBC back in 1992 starring Robbie Coltrane in the titular role, a pre-late night Craig Furguson in a supporting role and 80’s pop star Midge Ure, of all people, as the villain. While it can’t really be said to be a success I imagine Wagner and Grant earnt more money from it than the Dredd film that followed a couple of years later.

    It’s available in its entirety on YouTube if you’re interested in checking it out.

  3. This has to be hands down the funniest episode of What, What? I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. I’m all for bringing back Chloe as the spirit moves you. I could listen to an entire episode of you all breaking down Below Decks for someone like me who’s never seen it.

    Nothing to really add, except I wish Jeff had seen Godzilla vs. King Kong so I could’ve heard the ensuing discussion. It is so far from a good a movie, and yet it is definitely the reason CGI was invented. That last 30 minutes is everything I ever loved about Godzilla films since I was a kid. Plot stuff happens only because the script says so and for no other reason. If you can get past that you can have fun and then forget about.

    Have any of you three seen Shin Godzilla? If so, where does it rank on Jeff’s ordering of Big G movies and trailers? (I have a take so spicy on that your eyes will need aloe, but this isn’t probably the place to share it.)

    • Jeff Lester Apr 12, 2021

      I saw and love Shin Godzilla, and want that take so badly my mouth waters! Please share it at some point, either here or elsewhere, and flag me when you do!

  4. Voord 99 Apr 10, 2021

    Just to agree with everyone— Chloe Maveal’s guest appearance was a very solid addition

    Carey mentions the televised version of The Bogie Man. That’s an interesting little document of changing perceptions of comics, because I think that a decade earlier it would have been unthinkable for the BBC to do an adaptation of a comic, unless it were aimed at children. (Or possibly unless they were drunk, which admittedly seems to have been the normal condition of everyone at the BBC in those days.) I’d be curious to know if anyone has written up the history of the project: who pushed for it, was there scepticism, etc.

    Also, it fixed Craig Ferguson permanently in my head as a tall, dark, and handsome romantic leading-man type, and I have always since then felt that his career is somehow that of the Craig Ferguson in an alternate universe who has switched places with Craig Ferguson Prime.

  5. Daniel Billings Apr 12, 2021

    One of the best parts of the podcast is how much you enjoy talking to each other and that was amplified with Chloe. Super enjoyable. Thanks for everything!

  6. Fun show. Welcome, Chloe!
    To highlight my lack of knowledge/interest in reality TV programming, I initially thought your discussion of Below Decks was referring to the animated Star Trek show. And, as described, that would be a spicy five-year journey!

  7. Holding out for a spin-off podcast: Chloe and her uncle.