Have A Very Merry Dreddmas

December 15, 2021

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I’d spent hours putting together a reading list of all the Judge Dredd Christmas episodes, all the way up to this year’s Judge Dredd Megazine installment. To my surprise, a bunch of people wanted me to share the list, so… here it is, in chronological order, to the best of my abilities. (I’m sure I’ve missed at least one story off, but that’s what the comments are for. )

I’ve listed them in terms of the Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files collected editions they appear in for the first half of the list, then we move beyond where those collections have made it to, which is more or less when the stories started appearing on an annual basis. Talking of annuals, when I list 2000AD issues as “Prog 20XX Annual,” I’m referring to the end-of-year specials 2000AD did from 1999-2014, which were all technically numbered as the following year — so, Prog 2004 was really published in 2003, and so on.

Whether you’re getting things through the Case and Restricted Files collections, or through the individual issues in the cases of the uncollected stories, digital editions can be found via the 2000AD webstore. And Merry Drokkin’ Christmas, to all who choose to read along.

Case Files 1: Red Christmas (Prog 44)
Restricted Files 1: Christmas Party (Dan Dare Annual 1980)
Case Files 3: Christmas Comes to Des O’Connor Block (Prog 144)
Case Files 9: Merry Tale of the Christmas Angel (Prog 450)
Case Files 10: A Real Xmas Story (Prog 502)
Case Files 13: Little Spuggy’s Xmas (Prog 658)
Restricted Files 2: The Santa Affair (Winter Special 1989)
Restricted Files 3: Christmas is Cancelled (Winter Special 1990)
Case Files 18: Christmas With Attitude (Prog 815)
Case Files 18: A Christmas Carol (Meg 2.18)
Restricted Files 3: Should Auld Acquaintance (Yearbook 1993)
Case Files 20: I Hate Christmas (Prog 867)
Case Files 20: It’s A Dreddful Life (Meg 2.44-2.45)
Case Files 22: A Very Creepy Christmas (Meg 2.70)
Non-Case Files: Turkey Shoot (Meg 214)
Non-Case Files: The Good Man (Prog 2004 Annual)
Non-Case Files: Fat Christmas (Meg 227)
Non-Case Files: Christmas With The Blints (Prog 2005 Annual)
Non-Case Files: Class of ‘79 (Prog 2006 Annual)
Non-Case Files: Death Row (Meg 253)
Non-Case Files: The Spirit of Christmas! (Prog 2008 Annual)
Non-Case Files: What I Did For ChrissMas (Meg 266)
Non-Case Files: One For The Boys (Prog 2009 Annual)
Non-Case Files: The Gift of Mercy (Meg 279)
Non-Case Files: O Little Town of Bethlehem (Prog 2010 Annual)
Non-Case Files: What’s Another Year? (Meg 292)
Non-Case Files: The Chief Judge’s Speech (Prog 2011 Annual)
Non-Case Files: Blaze of Glory (Meg 305)
Non-Case Files: Choose Your Own Xmas (Prog 2012 Annual)
Non-Case Files: Let’s Kill Santa (Meg 318)
Non-Case Files: Violent Night (Prog 2013 Annual)
Non-Case Files: All Is Blight (Meg 331)
Non-Case Files: The Right Thing (Prog 2014 Annual)
Non-Case Files: Donner & Blitzin’ (Meg 343)
Non-Case Files: The Ghost of Christmas Presents (Prog 2015 Annual)
Non-Case Files: Melt (Prog 1961)
Non-Case Files: Boxing Day (Prog 2011)
Non-Case Files: Echoes (Prog 2061)
Non-Case Files: Jingle All The Way (Prog 2111)
Non-Case Files: The Fright Before Christmas (Meg 403)
Non-Case Files: Snowballed (Prog 2162)
Non-Case Files: Three Kings (Prog 2212)
Non-Case Files: He Sees You When You’re Sleeping (Prog 427)
Non-Case Files: Saviour (Prog 439)


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One comment on “Have A Very Merry Dreddmas

  1. Darryl Elliman Taylor Dec 16, 2021

    Do you happen to know which stories are in Christmas is Cancelled collection that came with the latest Megazine?